Vhernier Beverly Hills

Vhernier Beverly Hills

With the holidays just around the corner, we can’t think of a better way to spend a Saturday than dressing up in Vhernier jewelry...who says a woman can’t surprise herself with some diamonds this Christmas!

We had the pleasure of helping put on a special event with Vhernier Beverly Hills to celebrate the opulence in their historic and innovative jewelry designs. Invited guests were asked to meet at the Vhernier flagship store in Beverly Hills for a luncheon catered by Los Angeles hot spot, Sugar Fish, with a menu to make any sushi lover melt - a plethora of rolls and tuna sashimi.

Following the luncheon, Timothy Morzenti, General Manager of Vhernier Beverly Hills, introduced the women to the Italian brand and spoke of the brand history and of recent collections. Vhernier, based out of Valenza, Italy, was incepted in 1984 as a jeweller’s workshop to create works of high quality craftsmanship and creative ingenuity. Initially, Vhernier created private collections for affluent clients that requested custom made pieces but later grew into a line of collections that include rings, bracelets, cufflinks and their famous fauna inspired brooches. Each piece is timeless with a design aesthetic deeply roots in traditional methods of production and artistry. Vhernier was the only company to partner with Hermes to collaborate on a exclusive handbag to make Birkin owners swoon.

After the company introduction, guests munched on delicious desserts provided by Ruby Roux Cakes and BYOCupcakes and were invited to try on their favorite designs. All jewelry purchases made on the day of the event benefited Face Forward Beverly Hills, as 10% of each purchase was donated by Vhernier under the buyer’s name. A room full of women, champagne and luxurious jewels and a bit of damage of the wallet is sure to be done!

Vhernier 1 Vhernier 2

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Creative Partners

Event Planning & Design:Letizia Silvestri Events
Catering: Sugar Fish
Media Wall: Red Carpet Systems
Macaroons & Cake Pops: Ruby Roux Cakes
Cupcakes: BYOCupcake

Photography credit: Stephanie Godfrey

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