Location Scouting: Palais Namaskar

Location Scouting: Palais Namaskar

Our next stop was a twelve acre resort nestled between the Atlas Mountains and the Djebilet Hills, an intimate secluded getaway giving you all the privacy and space one can need.

Palais Namaskar resort accommodates 100 guests with 48 units of varying types of palaces, villas, suites and rooms. Guest accommodations exude timeless elegance with breathtaking views of surrounding mountains, lakes, and gardens. The resorts greatest asset is the amount of space, allowing for guests to feel an overwhelming sense of peace, seclusion and serenity from the bustling souks and inner city.

Palais Namaskar draws great inspiration from it’s surroundings with its eastern inspired exterior architecture, while infusing Feng Shui principles and contemporary interior design elements. This resort provides ample space and venues to host an intimate gathering for your nuptials.

The pool area is characterized with breathtaking arches and draped curtains that would be a perfect setting for cocktail hour or post nuptial dining. On-site lakes can be a peaceful setting for a twilight tea in the desert experience in one of their many tents.

If you’re looking for a more intimate experience with a sprawling view, the rooftop can be utilized for a small gathering. Palais Namaskar also provides couples with plenty of same day assistance so you can be assured a peace of mind on your special day!

Photography Credits: all professional shots are courtesy of Palais Namaskar

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