Location Scouting: Selman Palace

Location Scouting: Selman Palace

Our first stop was Selman Palace, a luxurious, sprawling resort opened in 2012 by the Bennani Smires family.

The grounds boast a number of five star signature accommodations for guests with just under 60 superior rooms and suites and 5 riads. If you’re looking for ultimate seclusion , the traditional Moroccan houses known as riads are the way to go, as they come equipped with a private pool, an interior garden or courtyard. Selman Palace was designed by world renowned designer and decorator, Jacques Garcia, known for his exquisite taste and care for detail. Garcia drew inspiration from the ‘Golden Age’ of Marrakech for the interior and exterior furnishings and incorporated details from haciendas typical to the Andalucia region in Spain.

Guest rooms feature intricate handcrafted mosaic details seen throughout the Moorish architecture of the old fortified city of Marrakech but come complete with state of the art technology that is playfully hidden to preserve the atmosphere of an antique palace.

The grounds allow for plenty of space to host an outdoor ceremony and reception; you can host your celebration by the long pool lined with large palm trees and dim lighting or on the open greens near the stables. The resort can assist with providing a one-night tent to house 1000 guests if needed. 

The stables provide you with a unique setting as they are the luxurious and extremely clean home to the sixteen champion horses purebred Arabian horses. We highly recommend the luxurious Espace Vitalite Chenot, where brides-to-be can sneak a day of relaxation with friends and family.

The spa evokes the atmosphere of an ancient Hammam bath in Istanbul. There you can receive unique range of Chenot treatments that pay tribute to both your skin but to Oriental wellbeing.

Photography Credits: all professional shots are courtesy of Selman Palace

Selman Palace 1

Selman Palace 3

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Selman Palace 9

Selman Palace 10 Selman Palace 11
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Selman Palace 14

Selman Palace 15 Selman Palace 16
Selman Palace 17 Selman Palace 18
Selman Palace 19 Selman Palace 20

Selman Palace 21

Selman Palace 22


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