Destination Wedding Ideas: Turks & Caicos

Destination Wedding Ideas: Turks & Caicos

Now more than ever are couples taking their walk down the aisle to far off places, whether it be to a tropical hideaway or a romantic city such as Paris or Rome. Just this past week, Letizia jetted off to Turks & Caicos, a true Caribbean gem, for a week-long trip filled with crystal clear waters and lots of R&R. We’re here to give you the inside scoop on the best places in Turks & Caicos to tie the knot.

Amanyara Resort 

Amanyara Resort Main Pool Amanyara Resort Amanyara Entrance

“The ultimate wedding spot for those who have seen it all…”

This luxury resort is located on the coast of Providenciales, or Provo, surrounded by lush vegetation and only steps away from pristine turquoise waters. If you’re looking for a truly peaceful hideaway, Amanyara is your place, the grounds are compromised of modern villas scattered amongst natural terrain, emulating the serene atmosphere of the resort on a more intimate scale. Each villa is situated on a little more than an acre of land with either sweeping views of the warm Caribbean ocean or a tranquil pond with accompanying infinity pool. With the reservation of the resort’s private villas, each guest is sure to be taken care with their own personal chef and house staff to provide you with utmost care and service. The resort is a only a short distance from the Northwest Point Marine National Park, offering visitors the world’s best wall and reef diving along with unforgettable access to the underwater wildlife. As far as wedding services, the resort strives to provide prospective brides-to-be with attentive service, offering their own list of on-site venders and full accommodation on the big day, as they do not double-book weddings. During a two-hour tour, the resort’s Guest Service manager, Jana Schumann, organized a viewing of the property’s best locations for ceremony and reception as well as a taste of their famous champagne mojitos and island delicacies from the kitchen. If anything, the resort and its staff exuded pure sophistication and made sure to provide each visitor a red-carpet experience.

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Windhaven Resort Villas

WindHaven WindHaven by night

“Experience casual Caribbean elegance…”

Windhaven is a perfect location for the adventurous couple searching for sweeping views and access to one of the best locations in the Caribbean for kite surfing. Built in November of 2012, this newly constructed resort was created by the local kite surfing school, Kite Provo, as a high-tech destination for not only kite-surfing enthusiasts but also those in search of a safe haven away from noisy crowds. The resort is comprised of three secluded villas, accommodating a total of 16 guests -- so whether it’s just you and a small group of friends or a larger wedding party. Each villa is furnished with island inspired décor, with a touch of casual elegance and modern advancements, like the personal iPad that is set to give you up-to-date information on weather conditions.  The grounds will provide you with the perfect setting for a quiet beach ceremony and a beautiful reception by the pool, as it is already equipped with romantic lighting accents and contemporary outdoor furnishings. During an on-site visit, the grounds manager and staff made sure to provide a true glimpse of low-key island charm and style.

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Letizia says:
“Turks & Caicos is an ultimate getaway, providing you with real tranquility and peace of mind. The natural terrain and warm, clear waters of the Caribbean have an innate therapeutic effect. Not only do the islands of Turks & Caicos offer you a picturesque setting but also the opportunity to explore your surroundings in memorable ways. During our stay, I was able to take up kite-surfing on Long Bay beach with an incredible and patient instructor courtesy of Kite Provo, go paddle boarding in the Princess Alexandra Natural Preserve and get a taste of local cuisine and the laid back island vibe at Cactus Café (do try their Coconut shrimp!). Our stay at Grace Bay Club, located in the heart of the world renowned Grace Bay beach, lived up to its name and reputation as one of the top resorts on the island.”

Letizia Undersea Fish paddleboarding
kiteboarding kiteboarding 2 Hobiecat
jetskii shipwreck coconut shrimps

Click here for more pictures of Letizia's Turks and Caicos' trip.

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