Romantic Getaway: Bora Bora

Romantic Getaway: Bora Bora

With Spring making its slow and steady appearance in the past few days, the itch to jet off to a tropical paradise has taken hold of us here at Letizia Silvestri Events.

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Last February, Letizia and Charles set their sights on Bora Bora for a romantic Valentines Day getaway and the island’s lush beauty and jagged volcanic peaks did not disappoint. Whether you’re searching for the perfect honeymoon destination or outdoor aquatic activities like you’ve never experienced, Bora Bora should be on your radar. The geographical landscape is compromised of the main island, which is home to two inactive volcanoes, and coconut forests and palm fringed beaches. Upon arriving to your destination, you and your party are greeted with warm smiles, sounds of ukelele and fresh lei’s as you are transported to your resort by boat. 

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Bora Bora is not only known for their picturesque scenery but their fair share of five-star resorts to cater to your every wish. Le Meridian’s intriguing and private resort complex was Letizia and Charles’ home for a week of unforgettable Polynesian experiences. The resort provides guests the choice of their signature over-water bungalows or pool/beach villa suites, each with panoramic views of the lagoon and towering Mount Otemanu. The couple’s glass-floored bungalow hovered over crystal clear turqoise waters, where you could climb down your private ladder and slip into paradise. The bungalow comes equipped with modern, chic furnishings with hints of Polynesian accents and up-to-date technological advancements. On-site restaurants are located in the most breath taking of places to give you and yours a romantic candle-lit experience by the sea, serving up gourmet cuisine with island flavor. The resort also provides guests with complimentary daily transportation between the motu and the main island, where you can take a 40 minute drive around the entire island, experience native Bora Bora culture and pick up a natural pearl set in your choice of silver, gold or rose gold at the Tahiti Pearl Market. 

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The surrounding islets, or motus, emerging from the coral reef provide access to some of the worlds best snorkeling and deep sea diving. The resort offers guests complimentary snorkeling gear, kayaks and flat-bottom boats to explore the lagoon. In addition, guests can visit the resort’s on-site Turtle Center where one can learn about their unique environment and swim alongside them in their natural habitat. Bora Bora is plentiful in third-party excursions that provide you the experience to get a full glimpse of the islands landscape as well as the bountiful marine life. For the daring thrill seeking tourist, hop on a boat for a shark and ray feeding tour where you will find yourself up close and personal with friendly mantas and black fin sharks.

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Snorkeling tours offer you an in-depth look into the unique barrier reef of Bora Bora with informative guides who can teach you of the coral formations and tropical fish indigenous to the site. Letizia and Charles joined Laurent at Eco Snorkeling for the hour-long tour that came with advanced snorkeling gear, built in with a communication system that allowed snorklers to listen to music and comments about the coral system. If you’re looking to get your heart rate going, the mainland offers a variety of scenic hikes for the novice to expert trekker. Hikes navigate through lush tropical vegetation and explore remains of ancient villages and ceremonial religious sites for island natives. You can also make an ascent up Mount Otemanu’s ‘shoulders’ but the mountain’s crumbly vertical cliffs do not allow for ascent up to the towering peak.

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A lure for a romantic escape or adventure-seekers, Bora Bora is the ultimate tropical paradise with untouched coral reefs with a relaxed island vibe that will be sure to have you forgetting about the ticks of a clock. Pack light and hop on the next flight to a memorable experience.

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Click Here to see Letizia & Charles walkthrough of the over the water bungalow.  

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