Destination Wedding: Mykonos, Greece

Destination Wedding: Mykonos, Greece

This week we will be featuring the romantic and breath-taking wedding of one of Letizia’s clients and long-time friend, Iza and her husband Michael. The wedding took place over the summer at the idyllic oasis of St. John’s Hotel Resort off the coast in Mykonos, Greece.

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The couple initially intended to tie the knot in the Philippines, where the bride is originally from and where the couple resides; but with a love for travel and adventure, the couple decided upon Greece for their perfect destination wedding. After experiencing the splendor that Greece had to offer during their previous travels to Santorini and Mykonos, they set their sights on the quaint yet elegant setting at the St. Johns Hotel Resort with sprawling views and luxury amenities.

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The grounds boast a large infinity pool overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, state-of-the-art spa facilities and a private sun-drenched sandy beach. Aside from the many amenities and the picturesque setting, the resort also has a whitewashed, cliff-side chapel, “Agia Fotini,” where the couple decided to hold their ceremony just before sunset.

Iza and Mike 3

In typical Filipino tradition, the parents of the bride walked her down the aisle before "giving her away" to the groom. Close friends and family watched on as the two said their "I Do's" keeping their nuptials short and sweet before celebrating the night away.    

Iza and Mike 2 Iza and Mike 13

    The bride and her bridesmaids wore the designs of New York based wedding gown designer and brother of the bride, Ian Giron. The bride’s gown was made of silk taffeta, a perfect light weight material for a summer wedding, with a revealing cut-out in the back and a svelte fit to accentuate the bride’s figure. The designer decided to keep the gown simple and timeless with no heavy beading or embroidery. She accessorized with gold and silver Jimmy Choo's and a small bouquet of white flowers.

 Iza and Mike 12

Iza and Mike 11 Iza and Mike 9

The bridesmaids dresses were made of cream colored silk taffeta with gold accents and instead of the usual small floral bouquet, the bride opted to have them accessorized with beautiful peacock feather fans, as they also proved functional during the sweltering heat. The groom wore a traditional, clean cut black tux, while his groomsmen donned white jackets, black pants and bow-ties.

Iza and Mike

    After the couple exchanged their vows, they exited the chapel where guests showered them with rose petals and rice, as it is Greek tradition to wish the couple a fruitful and prosperous life. The reception took place near the resort’s infinity pool, giving guests sweeping views of the coast as well as the pastel skies. Tablescapes and accompanying décor was kept simple as the couple decided to stick to a traditional theme and color palette of blue and white with accents of gold. Guests dined in candlelight, where they were served traditional Mediterranean cuisine. After dinner and dessert, the couple and their guests danced the night away.

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    If you plan on visiting the resort or are planning on tying the knot at this beautiful location, the resort offers wedding packages, with access to a romantic oceanfront suite and on-site floral arrangement assistance.

Iza and Mike 6

Lastly, one of the most crucial parts of planning a destination wedding is the documentation (i.e. obtaining marriage licenses and certificates). Since both the bride and groom were residing in Manila while planning their wedding, it was difficult to secure the necessary paperwork required to be married in a Greek Orthodox manner. As per Letizia’s suggestion, the couple opted to be married in the US first to avoid the long, drawn out process. Opting to marry in US first, the couple was married by a pastor instead of the traditional Greek Orthodox priest.

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Photography Credits: Alvin Guevara Photography

If you plan on visiting Mykonos, late spring through early summer months as it is when the weather is just the right temperature and the island is still slow and relaxed influx of tourists. During July, Mykonos is experiencing the height of tourist season with young crowds and world-renowned festivals, think Ibizia!

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Heres a list of Letizia's top 'Must-See' places in Mykonos:
- Little Venice in the main town of Mykonos
- Catch the pastel painted skies during sunset at Paraportiani
- the iconic Mykonos Windmills
- Petros the Pelican
- Delos Archeological site
- the ultra-fabolous Panormos Beach
- the N'Ammos restaurant at Psarou Beach, a favorite among celebrities and the jet set.

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  1. Iza McCullough
    Posted Thursday, April 11, 2013 at 3:33:27 PM

    To My Dearest Letizia,

    What an honor for me and Mike to be featured in your blog! Thank you so much of everything that you did for our wedding day. Everything you touch turns into gold and you made my dream wedding turn into a reality! A million Thanks to You!!! :)

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