Romantic Getaway: Santorini, Greece

Romantic Getaway: Santorini, Greece

Can’t get enough Greece? Neither can we! We’re hopping Cyclades and making a stop in Santorini, known for its white washed villages, sapphire blue sea and according to Letizia, some of the best sunsets you can ever lay your eyes on. This quintessential Greek island is the perfect romantic getaway whether you and your significant other are newlyweds or celebrating an anniversary, the Greek island life will leave you in a dream-like daze.

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When visiting Santorini, make sure to stay in the picturesque town of Oia, where the village sits atop dizzying volcanic rock cliffs with breath-taking views. Looking to stay in a cave style dwelling, a signature to Santorini architecture, be sure to book a suite at Perivolas. Accommodations vary from studios with an open plan setting and private terraces to larger suites with traditional wooden features and simple yet elegant décor. Enjoy an afternoon cocktail while soaking in some sun at the large infinity pool or for the perfect poolside dining experience, feast on modern Mediterranean dishes using the highest quality seasonal ingredients while catching unforgettable views of the pastel colored skies.

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If you’re looking for something more intimate, Letizia’s top dining experience was at Alta Mare at the Andronis Luxury Suites Hotel, where you and your partner can sit at a lone table atop a cliff, sharing a romantic candlelit dinner.

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For poolside lovers, make a trip to the all white, open-air, secluded pool area at the Katikie's Hotel. It will have you making up excuses to never leave the island!

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Above: Katikies Santorini Cave Pool; Source:Rojact Site

The town of Oia is home to pristine beaches (expect climbing down a few hundred steps to get there!), and chic, small boutiques where one can stroll the cobblestone streets for some shopping after the sun goes down. To get a real glimpse of the Santorini landscape, make sure to take part in the island’s main activity, sailing the Mediterranean Sea. After a sail around the crystal waters, take a hike up to the hot springs atop the island’s volcano. But ladies, be careful as the sulfur from the springs can do a little yellowing on your suit!

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If you plan on visiting Greece’s gem of an island, we suggest avoiding summer months due to high temperatures and large crowds of tourists.  At the foot of the village of Oia, is Ammoudi, a charming port with a very small beach. Beware, the drop off point comes after a few steps into the water; parents, keep a close watch on the little ones! The town is accessible by car, by foot or best of all by mule that will take you up and down the broad 214 steps of the town.

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Be sure to visit Ammoudi’s excellent fresh fish tavernas where you can have the pick of the day and feast on other classic Greek dishes, like grilled octopus, a favorite of Letizia’s. Lastly, for any movie fanatics out there, make sure to take a hike up to the infamous rock where they filmed Mamma Mia and if you're looking for a real heart-pumping thrill, take a leap into the cold waters below!

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The island of Santorini will be sure to bring you and your travel companion unforgettable views of the Aegean Sea and surrounding landscapes. From the natural elements to the architecture and culture, the Greek islands are not one to miss!

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