Post Ranch Inn: Luxurious Escape on the California Coast

Post Ranch Inn: Luxurious Escape on the California Coast

Happy Monday! It is officially June and we got our first taste of summer this past weekend! Now that the weather is heating up and the days are longer, we can’t stop daydreaming about our next weekend getaway! We’re thinking a place with some sand, surf, and plenty of trees to put us right again. Big Sur, located off the Central coast of California, is just the place and this week we’re featuring a sanctuary nestled 1200 feet above the Pacific Ocean - Post Ranch Inn.

This luxury resort is the idyllic spot for either a weekend of romance or some plain ‘ol relaxation with your girls. The grounds are comprised of 39 rooms that blend elements from the rustic surroundings with modern amenities that exude comfort and complete seclusion. Guests have the option between rooms that either offer panoramic views of the forested mountainside or the ocean but every room comes with a skylight allowing you a glimpse of the Big Dipper from your bed. The resort offers a nightly turndown service, allowing you to get a good nights rest without a worry while the wood-burning fireplace keeps the room nice and toasty. Letizia’s recent visit to Post Ranch Inn included a stay at the ‘Tree House’ guest room, a free-standing structure standing nine feet off the forest floor, surrounded by lush flora and fauna. Picture yourself resting in the privacy of your room’s indoor spa tub, nothing but the animals catching a glimpse of you au naturel!

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Guests of the resort are offered complimentary services that make leaving a little too hard! Start your morning with complimentary buffet breakfast, followed by either yoga or mindful movement meditation or for you outdoor junkies, take a guided hike through the numerous walking trails along the coast or inland. The grounds also boasts two heated infinity spas that give you the illusion of swimming in the ocean or practice your best handstands in the heated swimming pool.  If you’d rather explore the surrounding towns, take a drive in the ranch’s Lexus vehicles available to guests and head north to pass over the famous Bixby Bridge to visit Carmel or Monterey!

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For those of you searching for the perfect backdrop for an intimate wedding, look no further! Post Ranch Inn is available for couples looking to use the privacy of the inn for an elopement or share your love with your nearest and dearest (up to 75 guests) at the cliff side restaurant, Sierra Mar. The quaint town of Big Sur has been host to numerous high profile celebrity weddings, as it is the ideal location for a rustic yet modern ceremony. Visit the resort site for more details on wedding and vow renewal packages available.


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