Location Scouting: Villa del Quar

Location Scouting: Villa del Quar

With the end of summer on the horizon, our thoughts are taking us to all the places that would be ideal for that transition from sweltering heat to cool, long fall days. We’ve covered our fair share of tropical getaways from Turks & Caicos to Bora Bora and now it’s time to set our sights on something on the opposite side of the spectrum -- Verona, Italy. This picturesque Italian countryside with its sprawling vineyards was made famous by Shakespeare’s beloved drama, Romeo & Juliet, and continues to uphold to the romanticized setting. Just outside the town centre sits the historic Hotel Villa Del Quar, nestled amongst the Valpolicella wine region, boasting late 16th century charms and perfectly manicured gardens.

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This luxury hotel was built alongside the ancient Romana Claudia road in the Roman Era which is evidenced by its unique architectural designs but the villa took most of its form in the 15th and 16th centuries. Keeping with the grandeur of its rich cultural past, the hotel is fitted with antique original furnishings and decor and is characterized with an outdoor swimming pool, a wine cellar, a tea room and more. Large windows line the walls of the villa and its accompanying structures, allowing for plenty of natural morning light and the exposed wooden beams all create for a rustic and romantic ambiance. If you need to find a place to land your private helicopter, don’t you worry for Villa Del Quar has you covered with not one but three helipads! Accommodations consist of 25 rooms: doubles, superiors, suites and the master suite which all come equipped with modern amenities yet feature antique detailings such as original Louis XVI style doors or bathrooms fitted with an antique well dating back to the Scaligeri era.

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As for you lovebirds out there planning on tying the knot, the Hotel Villa Del Quar is a perfect wedding destination as it provides its guests with high comfort and attentive service. The grounds provide you with the perfect setting for a late-afternoon ceremony as the sun sets behind the hills of endless vineyards. If you want a bit of privacy, the entire hotel can be reserved for exclusive use by you, your wedding party and guests and makes for a perfect setting for a weekend wedding extravaganza! The service does not end there, for the staff is readily available for any assistance with planning for the big day such as floral decorations, hair/makeup and beauty treatments, musical entertainments, chauggeur service and catering. The cuisine is top-notch as the main chef promises to whip up a menu of creative plates instilling the traditional methods of preparation and local ingredients. Letizia paid the beautiful five-star hotel a visit a few years back and has kept it on her list of venues for future events! Looking for a quaint, rustic yet luxurious Italian wedding? Look no further than Hotel Villa Del Quar!

Photography credits: Villa del Quar

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