Social Events
When is the last time you attended an event that you really wished would never end?
It’s all about creating the perfect ambiance. Enlist us to help create an amazing event that will have your attendees chatting about it long after it has passed! 
Social events are fun because so many creative touches and surprises can be incorporated into them. We are ready to bring life to your desire to throw the best event in town.

Corporate Events
Corporate events present opportunities for companies to display the best of their culture, brand and identity.  Galas, training seminars, retreats or product launches are all ways to communicate with employees, customers and communities in a more experiential fashion.
From proper venue selection, to the perfect menu formulation, appropriate sound and security details Letizia will personally make sure that no issue is left unresolved.

There is one day that no woman will ever forget. On this day, all the childhood memories of playing Princess, dressing up dolls or imagining a handsome Prince sweeping you off your feet becomes reality. You’ve anticipated this dreamy day with the hope and excitement of a child waiting to open a present.To ensure this day is perfect you’ll need the help of a wedding fairy. That’s Letizia

Destination Weddings
Add an additional quality of fantasy to your special occasion by arranging for a magic carpet to carry you, your guests and other loved ones to a beautiful destination. We have strong international partner relationships and direct experience with many different countries and cultures. Whether the wedding is being held in your own hometown or at an exclusive location on the other side of the globe you’ll have the comfort of knowing that your arrangements are being secured by a professional with true international knowledge!

Fresh Ideas for your event