Getting Started | For Her

Getting Started | For Her


Congratulations! You are about to embark on a whole new stage in life: love, engagement, and marriage. This will be one of the most stressful, overwhelming, and high points in your life, so enjoy every minute. In this section, you will find several resources to help you plan the event of a lifetime as well as unique wedding ideas and suggestions from our experts to help you develop a wedding signature (what makes this wedding different than anyone else’s in the world).

The bride sets the mood, theme, and tone for the wedding by the dress that she wears. The beauty she radiates and the unique details she incorporates will pull it all together.

When getting married, there are some important issues that need to be addressed right away. The first one is setting a date. The date you set, most of the time, depends on where you plan to hold the ceremony, as well as the reception. It's important to determine the location before an official date is set. If you know where you'd like to hold the event, secure the date as soon as possible.

You'll want to decide how many guests you'll be able to invite after determining your budget. Having a master list on hand with total head count will help when pricing for caterers. Usually the bride compiles a list for her side of the family with her parents and the groom with his. You should also compile a "wish list" together, in order to invite additional guests as others decline. The last important list is a Master Wedding Announcements list.  This includes all of your acquaintances not invited to the wedding, but with whom you wish to share the news of your marriage.

There are several ways to express your style in your invitations and announcements. Do you want them to be formal or informal? Most companies provide suggestions as well as styles. In your area there are certain to be several sources to choose from.

Bride Checklist | Wedding Gown | Hair & Makeup | Flowers | Gifts | How to make the groom feel special

Finding the dress

One of the most fun and exciting parts of planning a wedding is finding the right dress. The bride's gown will set the style for the entire wedding. You can start by looking through bridal magazines to determine a style that catches your eye. Once you have an idea of the basics about the dress it's time to browse through the dresses available at a bridal shop. Here you will determine if the style you like in a magazine is the style that looks best on you. There are several bridal shops that carry all of the latest fashions to accommodate all of your needs from head to toe.

After you have an idea of the dress style, you should consider the type of flowers that will compliment your dress. The flowers for the wedding day should have the same uniqueness and creative touch as every other detail of your wedding. You should choose a florist early in the planning process as the best florists will book up quickly.

Hair and Makeup Tips

Your makeup should not fulfill "something new" on your wedding day. Practice your makeup several weeks in advance or have a professional makeup artist give you some wedding day tips for looking natural and radiant. Do not overdo your makeup for photographs and video. You do need to wear more than usual, but your overall goal is to keep it looking natural. The number one rule for makeup is to "blend, blend, and blend."  By avoiding demarcation lines and uneven color blending helps you to achieve a natural look.

Use a matte color for your foundation to avoid any extra light reflection showing up in your photographs. Keep your powder compact accessible all day.  You'll want to touch up throughout the entire event (especially since the photographer usually sticks around to catch some of those last minute candid shots of the event).

Do a trial run of your makeup before the big day.  Avoid trying new makeup or skin care within the last two weeks before your wedding. Remove stray hairs that fall below the brow. When plucking eyebrows, the arch of the brow should line up with the outer circle of your iris. Define you eyebrows by using a slightly darker shade than your natural color. If you make them too dark, tone them down with a yellow eyebrow powder or use your face powder. Avoid pink, light blue, or frost on the eyes. It will create a tired appearance. Avoid matching eye shadow to eye color, as it diminishes rather than enhances your natural eye color.

For blemishes and pimples, use a concealer one shade lighter than your skin tone and blend evenly.


The Perfect Flowers

If you have ever had the delicious pleasure of drifting through daffodils and daisies in a springtime field or strolling lazily among the high-hung roses and elegant orchids of a botanist's dream, the exquisite ambience of flowers has not been lost on you.

However, you may feel unsure of how to create the perfect floral experience that will both caress your senses and embrace your emotions. Do you put your trust, as well as a decent portion of your budget, in a professional designer? Do you utilize the vast knowledge of your neighborhood florist while intimating your style and tastes into the selections? Or perhaps you could set out on your own, culling jewels of floral delights from local nurseries.

Aside from the lifelong memories, flowers signify the celebration of your love and new life together. From choosing the boutonnieres and the bridal bouquet to orchestrating a mesmerizing display in the grandest of ballrooms, making the right decisions early in the process will do wonders to ensure your vision becomes a reality on your wedding day.

Depending of the grandeur of your wedding, as well as the scope of your budget, you may employ the services of a professional floral designer. These true artists bring an appreciation for each flower and a working knowledge of the nuances that combine different flora into a beautiful masterpiece of color and fragrance.

If you prefer a more hands-on, less costly approach, your local florist can supply not only a seemingly endless array of flowers and accessories but also invaluable experiences gained from years of helping people realize their visions. Finding a creative florist who is attentive to your wishes and respectful of your budget should be your priority. Locating the right florist early will allow you to establish rapport and benefit fully from the professional advice you will receive.

Perhaps you tend towards the more independent and wouldn't mind shifting resources from your flower arrangement fund to that of your honeymoon. If you enjoy a creative streak that begs for expression, you will be pleasantly surprised with the abundance of fresh flowers available through farmer markets, wholesalers and nurseries in your area. Although you will be hard pressed to find good wedding advice, you will discover the raw material you will need to compose a symphony of sensual delights.


Gift Giving

It is customary for the couple to start receiving gifts as soon as the engagement is public knowledge. For this reason it is important to have the wedding gift registry available for your family and friends. Many department stores, specialty stores, and catalogs allow the bride and groom to list their preferences into the company computer. This helps to ensure you receive exactly what you picked out, right down to the number, style, and color of a particular item. It also makes it easier on guests when trying to find the perfect gift for you.

It is customary for the bride and groom to provide gifts to each of the attendants as a token of appreciation and as a memento of your special day. These do not have to be expensive but should be an item that will have lasting memory. Traditionally each bridesmaid and usher receives the same gift. Honor attendants usually receive something more special. Newer trends suggest you customize each gift to the attendant.

It is tradition, but optional for the bride and groom to exchange gifts besides the wedding rings. Something memorable and special like jewelry is appropriate.


Ways to Make the Groom Feel Special

  • Wedding day gift from the Bride that truly represents what the Groom enjoys (event tickets, entertainment products, memberships, gift certificates, etc.).
  • Download Groom’s favorite music to MP3 player.
  • Bride can sing a favorite song to Groom at ceremony or reception.
  • Massage to relax before the big event.
  • Spa, manicure, and/or pedicure.
  • Groomsmen and ushers create a surprise Groom’s Dance for reception.
  • Bride creates Groom’s fondest memory album.
  • Groom’s family and friends create a video or other presentation relating the Groom’s life leading up to this day.
  • Future Mother-in-law hosts surprise brunch for the Groom and his Groomsmen.
  • Surprise attendance of an old friend, teacher, or other person important to the Groom.
  • Poker or game night with the Groom’s friends.
  • Plan a Bachelor Party that takes the Groom’s interests into account.
  • Include the Groom’s interests in reception activities and décor.
  • Share selection of reception favors between Bride and Groom with female and male guests receiving their respective genders favor.
  • Throw a Groom Shower complete with gift registration and Groom-related theme.
  • Bride’s family members present video at rehearsal dinner of why they are happy to have the Groom in the family.
  • Bride creates calendar detailing her love for the Groom in daily sentimental and funny ways.
  • Bride writes a letter expressing how much the wedding day means to her and delivers to the Groom that morning.
  • Groom’s parents write a letter sharing their feelings with the Groom on his special day.
  • Preparation and serving of Groom’s favorite food by Mother-in-law before wedding day.
  • Buy the Groom a pre-wedding gift that is uniquely for him.
  • Have the Bride select a special group gift (engraved items, etc.) for the Groom and his Groomsmen.
  • Have the Groom enter the ceremony site to an instrumental version of his favorite music.
  • Have the Groom control one complete aspect of the wedding such as photography or catering.
  • Wedding day breakfast and professional shave services to pamper the Groom.