High-Tea and Fashion with Olaya Beach

A woman loves to make a statement, and many times that is through fashion or even just an accessory, and in Beverly Hills, many see cars as an extension of their style. Letizia Silvestri is very familiar with this concept, having been around the luxury brand of Ferrari for nearly 10 years at that point. Silvestri wanted to capitalize on this idea, and cater to her female clientele in a creative way. The phrase “think outside the box” is used over and over within the creative industry, but this time the box was the perfect place to stay within.

Summer was just around the corner, so Silvestri decided to invite her clients to tea and a fashion show for a new bikini line. At the time of conception, Silvestri had been watching Paris Fashion week, where the trend in couture was small spaces with hardwood floors, that served as the setting for intimate shows. This was how she decided on the setting for the fashion show, and enlisted the assistance of creative partner Hilton & Hyland. This gave Hilton & Hyland an opportunity to new clientele that they may have never accessed otherwise, and Silvestri the perfect setting for her runway. The selected venue for the show was an estate with the largest walk-in closet on the market. 

Upon arriving to the event, the ladies of Ferrari Beverly Hills were welcomed not only by a Ferrari FF and California, in complementary white and red combinations, but by a full male staff of models, thanks to creative partner Runway Waiters. The women were invited into the home to take a tour, and to enjoy tea and pastries with a twist. Rather than your traditional British high tea, Silvestri wanted to incorporate Ferrari, as well as her own, Italian heritage. The ladies were treated to Italian pastries, a variety of tea provided by Crateful Catering, and Zonin Italian prosecco, that also sponsored the Mattioli Automotive Group racing team Scuderia Corsa. Also joining the event was Mark Broumand, an exquisite jeweler based in downtown Los Angeles who is well known for handcrafted engagement rings as well as exceptional one-off fine pieces. But the entertainment that guests enjoyed the most was Dr. Ali Sadrieh of EVO FOOT. Dr. Sadrieh could take any foot, and then either change it aesthetically if the toes were uneven, but ultimately mold the entire foot to create optimal comfort in the ideal pair of high heels. This is called the “Cinderella Procedure”, which Dr. Sadrieh pioneered. The philosophy behind the procedure is all about form and beauty, much like Ferrari, and the women went crazy learning more about it. The only thing that was able to tear them away was the main event that they had all come to experience.

Silvestri had invited her 50 guests to join her in the master closet, which was lined with chairs. Guests were invited to take a seat and were then introduced to Olaya Beach, an exclusive bikini line created by Clio Olaya, former Miss Ecuador. The line was scheduled to make its debut in the Miami swimwear in a few weeks' time, but the women of Ferrari Beverly Hills were given the first preview of the new collection. Models made their way down the 15 foot long walk-in closet “runway”, and the clients couldn’t get enough.

It is one of a kind experiences like a fashion show inside of a walk-in closet that any woman would kill for, that sets Silvestri apart from the rest. Hand her an empty box, and she will fill it with your wildest dreams. It is exclusive experiences like this that Ferrari clients thrive from, and with Silvestri’s network, she can deliver, like a private first viewing of a new clothing collection.