Lamborghini Urus Unveiling

Urus BH Unveiling-176.jpg

Lamborghini has been known to do the impossible, and in 2018 they brought the Urus back from extinction.  Urus was at the time was one of the largest wild Ox to roam the world, and a perfect fit for the traditional Lamborghini naming convention.  Urus in today’s time became the world’s first Super Sport Utility Vehicle to conquer the road.  Taking inspiration from Lamborghini’s first Utility vehicle from the 80s, the LM002, and incorporating modern Lamborghini design language creates what has become the top selling luxury vehicles. Of course upon launching the vehicle it had yet to hold these titles from Robb Report, GQ and more, but the Lamborghini Beverly Hills team, led by Letizia Silvestri, had to show the world just why the car was so special.   

The starting point of this event was a venue. If you've seen Dark Knight Rises, or the 2019 Super Bowl Commercials, then you've already seen Popsicle LA. For Silvestri as well as many others, Bruce Wayne and Lamborghini assimilate. Many owners are young and successful with a discerning taste for the finer things in life, and is what led to the inspiration of Bruce Wayne's garage as the setting for introducing Urus. The location did pose a threat to attendance due to proximity from Beverly Hills, but thanks to Silvestri’s effective communication strategy no zip code can stop her events. From there the brand’s campaign was dissected; “Since We Made it Possible.” The long standing innovation brought to you since 1963 was the next point of inspiration. Through various connections and collectors, Silvestri brought the history of Lamborghini into one room including the GT350, the iconic LM002, and Urus. Roger Dubuis, a Lamborghini official partner, crafts priceless watches influenced by the automotive industry, as well as sponsors Lamborghini Squadra Corsa. This is when Silvestri saw a perfect opportunity to propose a co-marketing activity.  She had invited the watchmaker out to meet potential clients from Beverly Hills, in exchange for party favors, but it doesn’t stop there. Silvestri also designed their activation, by placing the all-new Huracan Super Trofeo Evo 1 of 12 Roger Dubuis edition vehicles with models in racing suits to collect data, and a fully branded wall of gift bags for guests to grab on their way out. Northerners Collective, a Lamborghini official partner and Italian furniture company adorning the Lamborghini lounges globally, also partnered up with Silvestri to create visually stunning yet functional vignettes for guests to enjoy. 

Upon arrival guests drove down a brick corridor with Lamborghini branding lighting the way through wall projections.  Models of Runway Waiters dressed in the signature Lamborghini black cocktail dress with dark dramatic makeup and tightly pulled back hair greeted guests, and offered them beverages from the bar. Through Silvestri’s imagination, creative mixologists, the Grand Bevy and partners Absolute Elyx Vodka and Perrier Jouet, a tailored drink menu impressed the guests. Drinks took the names of the modes in which the new vehicle would have and guests were then asked to choose their Anima wisely. Anima is the soul in Italian and the soul of the vehicle as well as the cocktails were represented through Strada, Corsa, Sabbia, Neve, and Ego; growing stronger down the list, with the final desert beverage white representing Neve or snow. If guests did not fancy vodka, they had the opportunity to take part in The Bad Stuff Tequila tastings all night long. All furniture utilized by staff was provided or constructed by Red Carpet Systems including Lamborghini brand aligned white lacquered formica bars with an elegant touch of Beverly Hills personal branding.  Cocktail tables also consisted of a sleek white look with a modern conclave shape, all adorned with floral arrangements from sponsor Chloe + Mint.  Also outside, guests could enjoy fresh pizzas made in a wood burning oven thanks to Prova Pizzeria. 

 With all of that being said, how do you introduce a product with such rich history to an affluent crowd?
On the wall just behind where the vehicle sat all night, the Urus logo reminded guests what they had come for, with the Italian flag lighting up the heritage of the vehicle from behind. Also with the help of Zen Arts’ choreographer, a new breed of SUV made an entrance. The Beverly Hills Lamborghini brand manager gave his introduction, while the subtle music soon overtook him, with the ceiling pulsing to the rhythm of the song. Six dancers dressed in black jumpsuits with ice white hair crept through the gathered crowd and when the bass dropped, the Atomic Blonde inspired hip hop performance brought the vehicle to life for not only the crowd present but to channel 4 news in Los Angeles. Silvestri along with Red Carpet Systems choreographed the lighting to fit the routine, to visually encompass the gaze of all guests in attendance.  All night long guests danced away DJ Sandra Luesse and a few celebrities stopped in to check out the new vehicle. Joining the night on the step and repeat was James Maslow, Gilles Marini, Eugenia Kuzmina, Veronica Ferraro, Christian Vit, Olivier Martinez, Spencer Garret, Scott Eastwood, Jesse Golden, Melodie Kandell, Cassandra Dawn, Lola Tash, Amber Arbucci, and Claudia Salinas.  And when the night had commenced, with the help from Chucks Parking, the guests were sent safely on their way. That is how Silvestri made it possible.  

Photo source: Lamborghini Beverly Hills Website.
Photography by Grubbs Photography.