Launching McLaren Beverly Hills into the O'Gara Family

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One can prepare from the moment they learn of an upcoming opportunity, but sometimes it’s not so simple.  When purchasing a pre-existing company and then launching it under another brand there is much to be done.  And in the case of re-launching McLaren Beverly Hills, this was just the case. Ready, set, wait. Wait for the paperwork to be finalized, but prepare in advance.  

While working at O’Gara Coach, Letizia Silvestri was approached with the task of re-launching McLaren Beverly Hills, but in O’Gara fashion. So how do you make something new and fresh without a change in location, without new product? You attack from all aspects of marketing. First and foremost there was the experiential side, a week long open house.  The open house reintroduced the heritage to the McLaren store in the form of James Hunt’s McLaren M26 and Bruce Canepa’s P1 GTR, while two models from Runway Waiters were dressed in McLaren racing suits capturing data on site. This week long activation also gave the existing McLaren clientele the opportunity to meet the new management, and O’Gara clients access to yet another luxury automotive brand.  Activities to enjoy at the open house included a live recording of Spike’s Car Radio took place with collectors and comedians Spike Feresten, Paul Zuckerman, and former MLB player now McLaren dealership owner CJ Wilson; a photobooth with a McLaren in the background, that creates a clever way to then collect emails of the guests walking through the open house; and a sweets and coffee bar including McLaren branded cupcakes, cake pops, and cookies, all in an orange, white and grey color combination; or champagne from Billecart-Salmon to cheers to the new franchise acquisition.  Behind this bar was a beautiful branded bookshelf that was constructed from a design by Silvestri and then decorated with branding elements such as coffee table books of McLaren’s racing history, touches of orange like floral arrangements, and even an orange beta fish named Bruce!  Throughout the week, the Mayor of Beverly Hills even brought her Monday business tour called “Walk with the Mayor” in to say hello. 

From a digital perspective, cars traveled to iconic locations all over Los Angeles, for content creation and community involvement.  The cars hit Santa Monica Pier, the Petersen Automotive Museum, Melrose Place, Downtown Los Angeles, and a few other very recognizable places that were announced in advance for local “car spotters” to join us at.  The most memorable stop of all was Rodeo Drive.  The team had placed 22 cars along the meters the length of Rodeo Drive, done in guerilla style marketing that then created new clients walking through the doors solely because of the wildly done product placement. Not to mention the social media influencers who joined us on Rodeo like Hailee Lautenbach and Brittny Ward, wife of F1 World Champion, Jenson Button. 

And if 22 McLaren’s on one street wasn’t enough, the monthly car show, Sunset GT put on by Silvestri and O’Gara Coach, was a McLaren Takeover.  More than 40 McLaren’s had joined the event, eager to meet the new faces behind the brand and to spend time with fellow owners.  In addition to the local McLaren community, support from the manufacturer was what gave the show the unique factor that has become unison with O’Gara Coach’s Sunset GT, and McLaren Beverly Hills was given the one of one Velocity 720s. The vehicle took 120 people and more than 300 hours to paint alone, built as an example of what the McLaren Special Operations team can produce. 

McLaren being newer to the production vehicle industry isn’t the most recognized brand, but had a loyal and technical following.  This group of individuals purchase their investments for their racing history, performance, and utility.  And that is why the final launch activation was taking the newly rebranded McLaren Beverly Hills to The Thermal Club, a private track facility; similar to the Soho House brand.  The luxurious track side amenities, and exclusivity of access is the epitome of the O’Gara brand, not to mention an award winning track facility for those who love to drive their automobiles. 

At LSX LLC you can expect the team to go above and beyond traditional marketing.   

Photo source: McLaren Beverly Hills Website.
Photography by Grubbs Photography.