Rolls-Royce Phantom Unveiling

Rolls-Royce is a brand synonymous with history, success, wealth, luxury, comfort.  These ideals are also parallel with that of O’Gara Coach, not to mention a world class customer service reputation for both brands. Rolls-Royce and O’Gara Coach only had one chance to introduce the newly designed flagship vehicle that has become known all around the world in August of 2017. This was the Phantom.  At the time the Phantom VIII was being brought into the world, the Phantom had been around for 12 years in its now modernized version.  But the time had come for a revival of an icon, to put a fresh design on a timeless piece of automotive architecture.  

To bring in the all-new Phantom, what better way than in the home of celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson.  Peterson loves to invite the O’Gara Coach team and Silvestri to reinvent his backyard time and time again, and has become a staple to the annual launch of the latest Rolls-Royce model for the O’Gara Coach company.  The event design revolves around the exterior of the home much like the impressive changes to the vehicle were exterior.  The obvious challenge Silvestri was first faced with was how to get the vehicles for display and unveil. The backyard not only had the obstacles of a pool, fences, and a pool house, but it had no direct path large enough for a car.  Silvestri’s solution? A crane of course!  Two days before the event, production begins with the loading in of the stage and flooring where appropriate and next the vehicles flew in from overhead.  Not as simple as it sounds, to orchestrate such an occurrence, permits from the city of Beverly Hills is required, as well as the crane, operating crew, and of course insurances to lift the vehicle starting at $400,000.  This set the stage for the rest of Silvestri’s plans. 

She knew from the start she would be planning and event for the stars, and not the stars in the starlight headliner of the Rolls-Royce Phantom.  The event was annually attended by Los Angeles star athletes like the Lakers, actors, actresses and more, all fitting clients for the new vehicle and many clients to celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson and O’Gara Coach alike.  All guests were greeted at the front door by the models of Runway Waiters dressed is sparkling black cocktail dresses inspired by the signature starlight liner in a Rolls-Royce. From there the ladies ushered guests through the Beverly Hills home and into the backyard.  Upon entering the yard guests were invited to enjoy a sensorial experience starting with the visual and delicious Rolls-Royce branded Vodka cocktail called the Phantom VIII made with partner, St. Petersburg Vodka.  Also available was a The Spirit of Ecstasy, a Ruinart Champagne cocktail complimented by apricot reduction, bitters, and cognac, the Black Badge, a Gin and Early Grey based drink. The Grand Bevy also offered their signature molecular cocktails; the white featured cognac, white cream Cacao & coconut cream with orange blossom while the red featured gin & raspberry puree with rosemary. All staff utilized furniture was lacquered black formica with a subtle Rolls-Royce crest atop the right hand corner with elegant purple floral arrangements as decor, while trays offering guests elegant lite bites had similar branding. To pass time until the vehicle was introduced clients were able to pass time on beautiful lounges provided by Fendi Casa, take part in a tequila tasting with Casa Dragones experts, or even experience what is like to be the Spirit of Ecstasy.  Earlier in the month, Silvestri had attended the exclusive Monterey Car Week and upon visiting the home of Rolls-Royce there was a wall that upon standing in front a hidden camera takes recognition of your location and places the Spirit of Ecstasy behind you to follow your every move.  This interactive wall was a hit, but what really caught the attention of the crowd was when Kendall Jenner and Hailey Baldwin Bieber stepped in front. 

There is no celebrity though that could keep this crowd from the Phantom VIII.  The much anticipated vehicle was about to be unveiled under the starry night and purple mood set by up lights of the emblematic Rolls-Royce color. DJ Johnny Hawkes who had created a very European vibe throughout the night had passed the microphone over to MC John Henson to gather the crowd. With a few jokes at the expense of the Lakers Players in attendance, he then introduced a member of the Rolls-Royce North American team to speak on what the crowd can expect to see from the new vehicle. During the speech, the smoke beneath the vehicle and slip was growing to create the dramatic smoky unveil that Silvestri loves to use to keep anticipation lingering even after the slip is removed. The music of the night was the very popular Game of Thrones, and once the vehicle had been unveiled, guests were then invited to explore the vehicle and as the smoke had settled, DJ Khaled had found his way into the back seek of the all-new Phantom VIII underneath the stars of the iconic headliner.  As a way for guests to remember the night, Silvestri had brought on creative partner Dot Photobooth.  Just like being welcomed by a branded cocktail, guests were now leaving with a branded print of their photo booth session, a tangible unforgettable impression. 

Photo source: Rolls-RoyceBeverly Hills Website.
Photography by Grubbs Photography.