Sunset GT Rally to Pebble Beach

Each year, the car collectors of Los Angeles migrate north in the month of August for the most prestigious automotive event of the year in the United States; and like many dealerships, O’Gara offers a group drive to clients to kick off the festivities. To set themselves apart from the rest on this 300 mile journey, Letizia Silvestri curates the extraordinary.  

Every rest stop, eatery, floral arrangement, beverage, napkin, vehicle terrain, in cabin amenities, driver, co-pilot, and more must be taken into consideration.  Not only does O’Gara pride themselves in selling luxury vehicles and providing excellent customer service, but they also take pride in how they involve clients thereafter.  These vehicles aren’t just about getting from point a to point b.  These vehicles are about doing the journey in the opulence of comfort like a Rolls-Royce Dawn, or with the added performance and adrenaline of a Lamborghini Huracan Performante.  The drivers are choosing their vehicle as an extension of themselves and as an enhancement to their adventure, and the team at O’Gara Coach created just the experience to epitomize that. 

What happens before the event is where Silvestri excels.  Most important selling point is the route. Just months before Silvestri makes the journey north for Monterey to find the most exciting, beautiful and convenient route California roads can offer. From there branding is to be decided.  Guests would be receiving multiple emails regarding this journey all which must be cohesive, their cars were also branded with decals to reflect the event design as well as logos of creative partners, and then the tangible components, like route maps and gift bags. These visual and tangible forms of communication are important no matter where they are viewed. This is how Silvestri creates the idea of excellence surrounding a brand. 

The morning of the rally, clients we asked to meet at the exclusive members only, Little Beach House Malibu for a catered breakfast and drivers meeting.  Looking around the crowd, guests had noticed automotive influencer Super Car Blondie, as well as fashion influencer Rachel Cook joining in for the fun. While guests were inside getting to know one another, each vehicle was provided with a rally gift bag and a handheld radio for group communication. We all know that California, as beautiful as it may be, tends to have spots where cellphone reception does not exist, and when you are on a 60 car caravan, communication is necessary.  Also important to Silvestri, is keeping the clients hydrated and their skin protected in the summer, all thanks to strategic partners: AQUA HydrateKollo Tea, and BB Lifestyle.   

Before leaving Little Beach House Malibu, clients were also offered to sign up for a Leica Camera activation, where at each stop the camera would then be passed off to the next guest. All 60 drivers started the journey together with the help of a police escort up to PCH, a perfect portion of the route to be utilizing a Leica camera. While driving through Santa Barbra, the rally had their first opportunity to take and break and refuel before making their way to a lunch held at Law Estates Winery.  Upon arrival there was valet waiting, fresh watermelon-lemonade at the entrance, and 360 degree breathtaking views upon reaching the top of the staircase; well-deserved after 4 hours of driving.  

The last place for the clientele to enjoy before checking into their hotels, was the house of an up and coming hyper car brand.  Rimac, a small Croatian manufacturer, is led by a 28 year old genius, and the car that the clients have been dying to see; the C2, an all-electric 1,888 hp hyper car.  This dinner not only represented the exclusivity that one is invited into after purchasing a vehicle from O’Gara, but also was welcoming Rimac into the O’Gara family, as the 8th brand under the Beverly Hills roof. 

The House of Rimac wasn’t the only exclusive offering that the Sunset GT Rally provided though. Upon securing your spot on the rally, O’Gara then provided full-service hotel bookings to those who have yet to book accommodations for the duration of their stay.  This opportunity was created for clients to continue their experience with fellow luxury automotive owners, because the experience doesn’t stop upon arrival of the hotel.  Also optional in the package was a pair of tickets to the Quail and Pebble Beach Concours, along with invitations to the homes of all brands under the O’Gara roof.  Sunset GT Rally was more than a rally, it was an all-inclusive weekend of automotive submersion, that without Silvestri’s network of creative partners wouldn’t have been possible; special thanks to The Thermal ClubHilton & HylandPirelli, and Black & White

Photo source: McLaren Beverly Hills Website.
Photography by Grubbs Photography and Ted7.