Experience the McLaren GT Through LSX

Take a breath of fresh air. Stroll back in time. Join McLaren Newport Beach in a scintillating night of sport and entertainment. LSX LLC transformed The Resort at Pelican Hill into the grounds where Newport Coast was first introduced to grand touring reimagined. On this night luxury and speed collided creating #NEWRules. Are you ready to meet the all-new McLaren GT?


Walking through the arch ways of the resort and into the outdoor courtyards overlooking the ocean, Letizia Silvestri, the mind behind LSX LLC, was instantly taken away by the golf resort before her eyes.  Striking landscapes, and greenery, Silvestri knew that this location would be the perfect place to not only introducing a modern interpretation of grand touring transportation but to also inspire future drivers of their adventures ahead. By creating a super light vehicle that combined luxury, cross-country capability, generous luggage capacity, and the supercar performance known as McLaren, grand touring has never looked so tempting.  It was these key principles that inspired Silvestri to conspire the night ahead. 

Straight from the valet to the courtyard, guests were greeted by their stewardess for the evening. Wearing a carefully chosen lipstick called Bengal Tiger, and matching neck scarf guests immediately recognized the McLaren Brand with warm tones of McLaren Orange. Descending down the stairs, guests then made their way to Miss Miranda. Pouring champagne from her throne, or should we say over sized champagne coupe from Dita Von Teese, Miss Miranda was quite the sight.  Adorned in shades of copper, lace and feathers, she was just the introduction to the copper theme seen throughout the night. A glass of champagne in hand in a courtyard overlooking the Pacific ocean, guests were able to enjoy a variety of hors d’oeuvres including burrata with heirloom tomatoes and basil, salmon caviar bites, or a stop at the lavish charcuterie bar.

No party is complete without a bar, and to celebrate the all-new GT Absolut Elyx Vodka and Silent Pool Gin joined the night. Both known for their shiny copper branding, Silvestri knew they were a must from the moment of the digital launch for the McLaren GT. Introduced in the all-new exterior paint color of Burnished Copper, the eye catching finish became an underlying theme throughout the night. At the copper furnished bar, mixologists were creating light and aromatic cocktails throughout the summer evening, with signature cocktails such as The GT -- A simple gin and tonic. If the liquor companies couldn’t be more relevant, Absolut’s digital presences utilizes the hashtag, #CopperDoesItBetter, and Silent Pool Gin originated in the UK very close to McLaren HQ in Woking. The Silent Pool Gin distillery was drawn together by a group of friends with a common passion for craft distilling, producing handcrafted, artisan spirits with uncompromising quality. Much like the owners of the McLaren brand, these automotive enthusiasts have an appreciation for high performance, and impeccable craftsmanship. 

As the sun began to set Dealer Principle, Pietro Frigerio, invited guests to join him on the lawn of Pelican Hill where the vehicle lie still waiting for it’s grand introduction. Teasing the crowd with the vehicles impressive specifications, guests were astonished to hear that the McLaren GT, a grand touring comfortable luxurious car will produce 612 horsepower, achieve 0-62MPH in just 3.2 seconds and reach a top speed of 203MPH. What more could one ask for other than fitting a set of golf clubs and making your tee time? Fitting the luggage of your copilot as well!  This is what McLaren calls “Poised and Ready.” With the same amount of storage as a Ford Focus with the seats folded down, the McLaren GT will surprise drivers time and time again. But what surprised the guests of Newport Beach Automotive Group was a golf cart full of beauties ready to tee off with their copper golf clubs. As ragtime music filled the air, golf clubs were swinging and the dancers gave an animated and theatrical performance in their golf attire. Blowing their final kisses to the crowd they ran off with the cover revealing the all-new McLaren GT. Displayed within the trunk were a set of PXG golf clubs in a full sized bag, and two McLaren Automotive weekend bags showing off how much storage the new vehicle does have. After becoming familiar with the vehicle, guests had nothing left to imagine other than where they would head next and who would be in the seat next to them. 

The sun sank beneath the ocean’s horizon Mclaren’s logo lit the ground as guests made their way back up to the courtyard for an array of desserts. Featuring copper and McLaren Orange coloring, the treats were just as delicious as they were beautiful, including orange macarons, chocolate dipped strawberries, and more. Whether guests were taking a moment to relax, or enjoying the McLaren themed treats of the night, they were also enjoying the comforts of copper colored lounges provided by Line 204. Entertainment was courtesy of Fatale Factory imagined by LSX. DJ of the night was DJ Mack Lashabane, and flower arrangements thanks to Pink the Little Flower Shop. Interested in creating something more than an ordinary event for your next special moment? Contact the LSX LLC team at info@LetiziaSilvestri.com to reinvent what an experience really means to you and your guests.

Danielle Penberthy