The craning of the McLaren Senna

The McLaren Senna. A car destined for the track but built to travel the roads, first took flight above all else here in the United States.  Nationwide, McLaren Dealerships were given the opportunity to enter a contest.  This contest would determine which dealership was given the all-new Senna first to show clientele.   

To give a back story, O’Gara Coach had just purchased the franchise only 6 months prior and within the first month of ownership, the team quickly turned the stores global standing around in sales.  From a lower 20s position, the store was quickly made #1 in the world, with the one week long experiential launch imagined and implemented by Silvestri back in December, which you can read HERE.  Leading up to the time of the contest, the store still held the title of #1 store in the world.  Having said that, this was a new opportunity to show Beverly Hills clients new and existing just why O’Gara Coach provides the utmost exclusivity a dealership can offer.  

Letizia Silvestri, having 10 plus years of experience with luxury automotive manufactures knew just what to pitch; a dream a few years in the making, and now entirely appropriate to bring into fruition; a flying hyper car.  But where and when? Well the manufacturer provided the when.  The car was scheduled to first be seen in the United States at the E3 convention.  This event happens just around Father's Day, the perfect time for the automotive industry here in Beverly Hills. Why? The annual Father’s Day event is Rodeo Drive Concours, and O’Gara Coach holds the prominent location at the corner of Wilshire Blvd and Rodeo Drive.  In years past, Silvestri had made Rolls-Royce’s fly of the home of professional trainer Gunnar Peterson for the annual Rolls-Royce unveil, and this was just the inspiration for the flying Senna.   

 O’Gara Coach not only took over the entrance to the show, but they also took over the Beverly Wilshire Terrace, also known as the landing pad for the $1.2 million vehicle.  This location created limited access to view the vehicle, exclusive to O’Gara clientele and permitted press, and served as a haven from the busy street below.  But that street isn’t busy only one day a year, that wouldn’t be true to Los Angeles traffic stereotype!  The morning before the show, Silvestri had pulled permits of her own with the city of Beverly Hills, to place an industrial crane on the street in front of the Beverly Wilshire, along with a crew of police and an enclosed trailer holding the, never before seen in the United States, McLaren Senna. 

Starting at 5am the team was on site loading in and balancing the crane to ensure stability, the police were directing traffic, and that was when the car wouldn’t start due to lack of gas.  This is a perfect example of why when it comes to event production, critical thinking is crucial.  The team was able to activate the electric mode, place the vehicle in neutral, and then push the vehicle down Rodeo Drive to its craning position.  It sounds simple, but the real challenge as reaching the start and brake pedal through the window of the vehicle within an enclosed trailer, all executed to perfection by the trusted McLaren Transporter.  Challenges like these are what excite Silvestri to push herself and her team to new heights of experiential marketing. 

Now that the car had been seen throughout the Rodeo Drive Concours, Silvestri utilized the craning down of the car as a PR stunt.  Through social media, and PR contacts, McLaren Beverly Hills encouraged local car spotters, and the public to join for a spectacle they may never see again. Silvestri creates unforgettable moments no matter the viewers interest. 

Photo source: O’Gara Coach Beverly Hills Website.
Photography by Danielle Penberthy and Ted7.