The EP&G Rally of Malibu

In Los Angeles, the sunny weather and fast cars tend to bring people together no matter the industry, and for one law firm that was just the case.  David Glass of Enenstein Pham & Glass wanted to plan an event to appreciate his clients in a fun and upscale way. That was when he decided to contact the team at LSX to bring his vision to life. One challenge LSX had to face was that the clients did not know one another, and as a solution to actualize the vision David had, was by finding a commonality among the invited clients. After getting to know Glass, Silvestri was able to capitalize on his interest of supercars that he had expressed he tends to share with his clients; LSX then conceptualized a rally for the clients that was an organic way for clients to engage with one another over their mutual love of supercars.

The morning of the rally, guests were invited to join one another at Obica in the iconic Sunset Plaza for a breakfast with a view. Upon pulling into the parking lot, a dedicated LSX team member was there to say hello, check them in, and escort them to their reserved assigned parking spot strategically decided for the rally ahead.  Available to guests that morning for breakfast was a traditional offering of eggs, sausage, bacon, and fresh brewed coffee as well as an assortment of fresh pastries and seasonal fruit, yogurt & cereals, and a variety of juices. Before departing everyone was gathered together by their host, David Glass.  Glass is a shareholder in the Enenstein Pham & Glass firm, where he uniquely handles family law litigation because of his dual training in Law and Clinical Psychology. It is this understanding of social sciences and the court system that have helped him achieve the successes he has for his clients in his 20 years of family law. He could not wait to officially welcome his clients along side of Silvestri to outline the days plans.  

In every rally communication is important, starting with the drivers meeting, where Silvestri made it clear that this is not a race, and that everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy themselves on the route ahead.  Guests were also informed to utilize their provided radios, especially when nearing the media vehicles. Along the drive LSX had coordinated a photo car with automotive photographer Ted7 as well as a car with a team of automotive videographers from Advent Films to create a digital lasting memory for each guest to look back on. Commencing the meeting, guests were asked to pick up a goodie bag that made up of not only their radio and route map, but a David Glass’s book “Moving On,” an EP&G ball cap and wine opener along with snacks from catering partner Joan’s on Third; including small potato chips, gummies, rosemary sea salt mixed nuts and water bottles.

Though Southern California appears to beautiful and sun shining all the time, residents recently experienced uncontrollable natural disasters and rain like never before.  First the Woolsey fire devastated Malibu followed by a month of rain, where the weakened hillsides began to give out and block the roads. The small California town still recovering, created a few challenges for the LSX team.  While planning the rally, Silvestri had come across the street closure of Mulholland Highway disconnecting her initial route of Latigo Canyon through Mulholland. As an alternative, the rally took the newly paved Las Flores canyon with scenic stops on Piuma and Stunt Road before making their way to the final destination. While the route is intended to be enjoyable for the drivers, it is the scenery along with the usability of the road and pit stops that give LSX’s digital crew of Ted7 and Advent Films the ability to capture and create the content from the days activities.

On the rally, one guest brought the very rare Ferrari Sergio and others among the pack included a variety of Porsche’s like Anthony Carbone in his custom vehicle built by another guest, Amber Blonigan, owner of GI Automotive in her Ferrari GTC4 Lusso, as well as few Lamborghini’s, and more. Thanks to strategic partners Black & White Car Rental for not only joining the rally in their amazing Carrera GT, but for also providing two vehicles. With their support, LSX LLC was then able to provide not only a guest with a fun vehicle for the day, but was also able to close the rally with a team member from LSX LLC in one of their vehicles, ensuring no guest strayed away from the pack.  In Malibu one wrong turn and the experience can be altered drastically or one could even get lost, and with the lunch LSX had prepared, no one would want that to happen. Pulling into the final destination of Villa Piuma, a videographer was on site with a drone waiting to capture the guests arrival, while refreshments met them at the door. Upon making their way to the catered lunch guests found a familiar site.  Like the goodie bags provided for the drive, guests were now enjoying a few of Glass’s favorite dishes of Joan’s on Third.

The team of LSX LLC wants to say thank you to David Glass for letting Silvestri and the team create an unforgettable experience for the clients of the Enenstein Pham & Glass firm. Interested in holding your own rally? Contact the team NOW and get ready for an event #ImagineByLSX.

Photography by Ted7. Videography by Advent Films