First Two Months with Newport Beach Automotive Group

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Kick starting the LSX LLC business venture was the signing of client, Newport Beach Automotive Group for all marketing services, just two months ago! In that time, Silvestri had the opportunity to observe their practices in digital marketing, social media, experiential and more to decide how to take them to the next level. With the brands at Newport Beach Automotive group, Bugatti, Koenigsegg, Lamborghini, and McLaren, opportunity is endless and the imagination of LSX LLC is ready to run wild.

While experiential is where the team feels at home, LSX started by incorporating an all-new customer relation management tool, better known as CRM, across the four separate brands with an existing client database. Through proper tools and organization the newly trained sales team of Newport Beach Automotive Group will soon be effectively communicating with their customers. Having a CRM system that properly organizes the clientele will also help the marketing team better strategize, because the email address is like the golden ticket to the digital advertising world. LSX will also be implementing new technology solutions to improve customer experience, a newly designed and rebranded digital marketing strategy to boost the brands and an informative content creation strategy in partnership with social media. Targeted social media campaigns will also be run to current customers giving them the latest news from Newport Beach Automotive Group because visual communication on social media is crucial. In a study conducted by Instagram in early 2018, it is suggested that social media platforms are the first point of inspiration behind more than 65% vehicle purchases, and LSX LLC loves to capitalize on just that.

While we did mention ads on social media, the Newport Beach Automotive Group also needed a new everyday strategy implemented. Their current strategy was a surplus of content that ultimately led to an over saturated and repetitive feed that was starting to deter followers from engaging with accounts. LSX incorporated a balanced approach. Between all of the upcoming events Silvestri will be producing, manufacturer events, global news from the brands, a splash of inventory, and monthly content creation directed by Silvestri, the social media pages will soon become a visually inviting place that will inspire many purchases to come. Silvestri is proud to be working with extremely talented and well known automotive photographers and videographers such as Ted7 and AJ Blyer of Advent Films each month. Through their event coverage and monthly shoots for both McLaren and Lamborghini, the Newport Beach Automotive Group is quickly appearing like the luxury lifestyle brand it truly is. In addition to a new visual strategy, LSX intends to partner with more industry relative influencers. For example a recent partnership with Supercar Blondie, and her visit to Salomondrin, gave the all-new McLaren 600LT with a McLaren Newport Beach windshield banner in front of more than 4.5 million people between two instagram posts.

Additional challenges that are ongoing include creating a more user friendly website such as incorporating better functionality, intuitive navigation, and SEO. After having the chance to dig through both on the customer facing side and through Dealer On, LSX found inconsistencies in branding as well as website navigation that would create a more difficult customer experience.  And while on the topic of digital, the company's monthly car show that has been around for more than six years had no digital footprint and no brand identity. Informally known as Supercar Show OC, the team at LSX LLC had the chance to give the show a look. Starting with a logo, Supercar Show OC then grew into a website and Instagram page with the brand hashtags of #SupercarShowOC, #SSOC, and #FueledByFans on the digital side. To visit the website please click HERE, to visit Instagram HERE and to visit Facebook HERE. You can also find samples of visually-striking, original content created for Newport Beach Automotive Group HERE. Through both the event and digital presence, guests and clients will be able to find show announcements, fan featured photos to engage the audience, and interact with a community of fellow owners and car spotters alike.

For LSX LLC and Newport Beach Automotive Group is only the beginning, we invite you to follow along with the journey at Newport Beach Automotive Group via the social media of LSX LLC. To follow on Instagram visit HERE and to follow on Facebook visit HERE. Interested in learning more about the services the LSX LLC boutique marketing agency can offer you? Contact

Danielle Penberthy