Launching the Koenigsegg Jesko in Newport Beach

Last month, LSX LLC celebrated the ending of another world and welcomed the beginning of Koenigsegg Automotive’s latest innovation. Those who couldn’t get enough of the recently concluded Game of Thrones (and who also happen to be the future owners of the Koenigsegg Jesko) experienced a one-of-a-kind unveiling the world is talking about.  As founder of LSX LLC Letizia Silvestri has put it, “There is no magic in magic, it’s all in the details.” Read further to understand how the magic of details transformed the Westside Museum into a space where the end of Game of Thrones and the beginning of the Koenigsegg Jesko collided.

An event that occurred just five days after the globally raved television series, Game of Thrones, had concluded, came together in those same five days.  In the automotive industry, dates are capable of changing just as fast as the vehicles can drive and in the case of the Jesko, this had happened. Silvestri and her team were notified just five days before the vehicle arrived that the global tour dates have moved up, and all plans must be executed for the new arrival date.  Not only was the arrival date of the Jesko near, it also coincided with Memorial Day weekend resulting in a challenging venue search. While the venue can result in many constraints and possibilities to an event, all hands were on deck, in securing a space. Upon finding the Westside Museum, the next step was coming up with an event theme as well as telling the Koenigsegg brand history within the event.  

Having received the news while attending a Game of Thrones series finale viewing, Silverstri’s imagination was on fire much like closing battle.  European herself, Silvestri decided to tie this in with the Swedish automotive manufacturer as well as the setting of the television series, resulting in Northern Europe and Game of Thrones as the inspiration for the event decor, food menu, cocktails and entertainment. To fill the space, LSX had designed branded materials such as 6 x 8 wall panels describing the history of Koenigsegg, secured a lineage of product such as the CCXR Trevita, Draken a fully exposed carbon fiber Agera RA, and the World Record Breaking Agera RS, and light projections of the Spirit of Performance and Koenigsegg Logo occupied the walls.  For food Silvestri, Jessica Goin, Chef Suzanne at Lucques had a vision of Swedish delicacies to celebrate the Swedish manufacturer.  Upon arrival, guests were first offered a swedish favorite, meatball and egg noodles skewers as well as a Swedish Gjetost Fondue Station filled with delicious treats such as apples, market crudités, soppressata, house-baked pretzels.  Drinks prepared by The Liquor Laundry included signature cocktails available with the Spirit of Performance stenciled atop. One being the “Thor” an akvavit forward drink accompanied by fresh blueberry and basil while the other was called the “Draken” a vodka cocktail with fresh citrus. Once all the guests had arrived, they were invited into the main entertainment and dining space below the mezzanine for a special announcement.

The Jesko wasn’t the only celebration in order. The Dealer Principal of the Newport Beach Automotive Group, Pietro Frigerio welcomed the guests and announced the establishment of the all-new Hyper Club. The first of many exclusive dinner events to come planned by LSX LLC, began with a Salmon gravlax with buttered rye and soft herb salad paired with a 2017 Anthony & David Girard, Sancerre, Les Monts Damnes. Accompanying the appetizer was a dance performance with a glimpse of the villian to come. This performance was where the Game of Thrones theme began to come together. The second course consisting of short rib kalops with green garlic potatismos, asparagus, snap peas and horseradish cream paired with a 2015 Chateau Pontete-Bellegrave, Graves de Vayres was brought out to the sound of the specifications of the Jesko; and a glimpse of what was to come.

For the final performance, perfectly aligning with the TV show, Silvestri casted Donna Hood as Queen Cersei and the unsullied elite soldiers played by Elio Martinez and Joe Ryan to protect the yet to be unveiled Jesko.  A northern, played by Riccardo Berdini, made his way to Newport Beach in an attempt to take the new vehicle but a female warrior along with the guards of the queen protected the Jesko.  The performance took place during a captivating light show that burned in vivid shades of reds and oranges, setting the mood for the stuntmen Berdini and Krystle Martin to draw their swords. The battle ended in success for the female warrior and Queen resulting in the northerners retreating through the crowd.  Queen Cersei takes her rightful place in front of the Jesko, still undercover and a cape was placed upon her shoulders. During her final exit through the dining guests the room shone white and blue light, and ash began to fall. Queen Cersei walks off set followed by the cape, unveiling the Jesko to the clients of Newport Beach for the first time. Costumes for the performance were executed by Fatale Factory while all battle choreography by Terence J. Rotolo.

Following the performance, guests were invited to take a look at the all-new Jesko, but first a stop at the dessert bar. Or in this evenings case a Swedish Waffle bar also created by Lucques with Silvestri’s direction. Other creative partners that made this event for Koenigsegg Newport Beach possible was the music selection and playing of the Game of Thrones soundtrack from DJ Tessa, lighting and light show thanks to The Lighter Side and WOVA, while the floral arrangements were made by Pink, Little Flower Shop.  

Interested in entertaining your guests, clients, friends, and family by inviting them into another world? Contact the team at LSX LLC today by email  No matter the world, the dimension, the beginning or the end, your event story will be told through an experience unlike any other.

Danielle Penberthy